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Sulawesi Earthquake Relief

Another earthquake in the region could trigger a tsunami, help the victims today. 

Support our response plan by providing immediate relief.

On Saturday (Jan 16) morning, after the earthquake, the locals discovered a horrifying scene where they saw a flattened hospital and a destroyed shopping mall. As rescue works began, two sisters were found beneath the debris while 5 family members were found dead.


The 6.2 magnitude quake has left more than 820 people injured and about 15,000 have left their homes, according to the disaster mitigation agency (BNPB). The thousands are currently seeking refuge in mountains fearing another earthquake might trigger a tsunami. While running on low supplies, they are using makeshift shelters to protect themselves from the heavy monsoon downpours.

Alleviate the suffering of the earthquake victims today. Your help is urgently needed.

What is needed

Support our emergency response by:

  • Providing temporary shelter items such as blankets, pillows, mattresses

  • Providing food aid and baby food

  • Protecting the victims from the spread of the virus by providing hygiene kits

  • We are also planning to provide a community kitchen to the victims

We are aiming to fundraise a total of $10, 000 for Sulawesi. Your donations will help our brothers and sisters today in times of need. 

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