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Syria Emergency Humanitarian Appeal


Global Ehsan Relief and our international NGO partners are on the ground helping the Syrian refugees who are externally & internally displaced. We’re also in neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, where some 2 million refugees are living in makeshift camps and facing a daily battle to survive.


Your support is urgently needed, so please donate now to help Syrian refugees. Emergency help is needed in the next few weeks for :


1. Food Aid
2. Milk For Children
3. Winter Kits
4. Food Aid For Madaya & Other Beseiged Cities

  • 6.6 million people are internally displaced.

  • Last year many parts of Syria saw the harshest winter as temperatures dropped to -13 degrees.

  • Syria is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today.

  • At least 1.2 million homes have been destroyed.

  • Refugees cannot afford clothes or fuel to keep themselves warm.



Every individual has the right to eat at least one meal a day. Due to the on-going refugee crisis in Syria, tens of thousands of families have been denied access to the most basic of rights - food.

Help Syria by helping us address this problem. We are working across Syria and the neighbouring countries to deliver food baskets to Syrian families, in order to restore a level of stability to these families' lives.

Each food basket includes 10 Kg rice, 2 Kg Dry Milk, 2 litres of cooking oil, 5 Kg Sugar, 10 Kg Wheat flour, 10 packs of pasta, Box of 100 tea bags and 1 Kg of salt.


Emergency Food aid Packs = $100 per set (feeds a family of 5 for 1 month)



Many children are suffering from severe malnutrition. 

Milk is the number one need for these families and especially for the children as it contains essential protein, vitamins and minerals including calcium, fat and carbohydrates to help build their bodies. 


With many Syrian families displaced, there are no means for the breadwinner to provide milk for their children. We have plans on distributing 50 tonnes of milk in Idlib, Aleppo, Lattakia and Homs after an initial small scale distribution. 


Milk For Children - 1 carton = $50 (feeds 5 children)


This month the world witnessed horrific images and videos of Syrians starving to death in Madaya, images including babies that are severely malnourished and emaciated children. The images are not only shocking and heart breaking but they show the dark reality of the situation inside Syria.  


The UN says there are approximately 450,000 people trapped in about 15 sieges across Syria. Whilst there are no official figures released on how many people have died so far, we can say with certainty that the situation is awful, and the need for food is urgent as death looms over places like Madaya. 


The children in Madaya are starving to death without food and have resorted to the only thing they can find being grass and tree and leaves off trees. They use the grass to make soups to keep themselves alive. There was also a report of one person who has offered his kidney on sale in exchange for food. The desperation these people are suffering cannot be summed up in words. 


As a response to these tragic developments in Madaya, we are delivering a new emergency program that will cover most of the besieged areas in Damascus. We need your help to deliver Emergency Aid to Madaya. 


Emergency Food aid Packs = $100 per set (feeds a family of 5 for 1 month)

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Emergency Food Aid Packs

Emergency Milk For Children Packs

Emergency Winter Kit

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