1 in 4 people in the Republic of Benin are Muslims but the majority have no access to mosques. Mosques help to unite communities and provide a place to seek knowledge as well as a place of peace and tranquillity. Allow the people of Benin to practice Islam. 

Build a mosque and your ongoing charity will nurture the lives of others. 

You may think that a mosque in the largest city of Benin may accommodate the Muslim community to pray in congregation. Unfortunately, even during Friday prayers, many have to pray on the streets. In remote village areas, they resorted to building temporary structures for congregational prayers but not all communities can do so. Benin is a predominantly rural country with low-income that faces food insecurity that still struggles with development.  Building a mosque for the community is almost impossible.

Illustration image of Al-Muttaqin Mosque

Al-Muttaqin Mosque

  • Location: Mokoly

  • Dimension: 15 x 15 metre

  • Medium size mosque which fits approximately 350 people


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