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In Eastern Uganda, the Muslim community has been praying in semi-permanent structures for decades. They have no access to mosques for Friday prayers and make do with any empty areas to pray in congregation. They resorted to using pieces of cloth laid under trees for prayers. Madrasahs, Koran classes and lessons in the area were also spear-headed.

Bring religious services nearer to the believers. Build a waqf mosque in Uganda to empower the Muslim community. You can help them gain access to clean water for ablution, for congregational prayers and learning Islamic education. As long as the mosque functions, you reap endless rewards of the waqf mosque. 

Illustration image of Al-Furqan Mosque

Al-Furqan Mosque

  • Location: Tchecoma

  • Dimension: 10 x 10 metre

  • Small size mosque which fits approximately 100 people


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