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Build a water well for the poor & help to reduce the risk of disease through contaminated water 

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Amount to Give

A sustainable solution to clean water supply 

In more flat fertile areas, such as parts of SouthEast Asia, hand pumps are ideal for villages and households. Surface sources are common, so only a basic pump suffices for poor families trying to meet their water requirements.

We build water wells and hand pumps in rural areas for the poor to ensure daily clean water supply is accessible. Suction water hand pumps are cheap, and easy to install and maintain. The maintenance is done at the village level without the need for specialist parts. The maximum column of water the pump can physically lift is approximately 7m and the pumps are made from cast iron. 

You can build a water well, and end the water shortage for ten years or more. By building a waqf water well, you may select the name of your choice to be inscribed on the water well. It could be your own, or a loved one's. Support our works in providing fresh, clean water today.

You can build a water well, and end the shortage for ten years or more! A water well or a water handpump costs $325 to build, you can support our cause by donating $50 or $100 as partial donations. For full waqf donation, here is what you will receive:

  • A certificate with the two names provided
  • A report
  • Photos of the water pump place upon completion

Countries Active: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, Myanmmar

Note: Due to the global pandemic and irregular weather patterns, the construction of our water wells might take a longer time to complete. The delay is exacerbated by the fact that they are built in developing countries, where they may not be adequately equipped to overcome the above-mentioned issues. Community water well may take 3 - 6 months to complete.

The construction of a water well provides Sister Sofiya and her newborn baby with a better life. More than just a water well, it is a lifeline for families like Sister Sofiya. 




Water wells built


Countries active

updated as of Jan 2022

Electric Water Wells (*Only For Cambodia*)  

These are the shallow and cheaper Electric Water Wells done in Kg Cham Cambodia. 

- Water Wells situated in : Cambodia

- Area : Tboung Khmum and Kampung Cham province

- Total no.of wells received : 5

* 1 ELECTRIC WATER WELLS ( Shallow / Deep ) *  can be shared up to 5 names . 



How The Electric Water Wells Work  

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