Widow and Orphans Food Aid Pack

Support a widow and her children by donating a food aid pack

Amount to Give


Amount to Give

A single-parent family often find it difficult to feed their family and themselves. Widows often fall in this category.  Without any means of resources or financial income, these individuals  can become desperate and highly distressed.

The food parcels are a means of survival for these families when one loses the breadwinner due to unpredictable situation like disease or sadly, murder. 

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$75 a month – can make a huge difference to families in need, providing a food aid pack donation that allows us to feed a needy family of five to seven for a whole month.

Together with our partners, we are committed to solve world hunger by providing food aid packs to help widows and orphans that have been affected by poverty across 15 countries throughout Asia and Africa. Many families are dependant on external aid to feed their children each month and we hope to to reach as many people in need as we can.

During our yearly Ramadhan distribution, your food aid pack donations enabled our teams to provide over 2000 meals to families in need and together with your assistance, we aim to provide even more support this year.

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