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Winter Emergency Appeal

Help a refugee family survive this winter

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Global Emergency Winter Appeal 2021-2022

For many people, winter is a difficult time.

Temperatures fall well below freezing, Many refugees will face harsh conditions, and for those most vulnerable, it will be a struggle to survive the winter. Many families are facing the toughest winter of their lives this year because of displacement, poverty, conflict, or disaster. Millions of men, women and children worldwide are lacking basic warm clothing and blankets to give them some relief during the freezing winter months. 

Refugees live in makeshift shelters that are not built to protect them against freezing temperatures. 

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Together we can help millions of people worldwide survive this winter.

In Iraq, there are more than 3 million displaced Iraqis suffering in temporary shelters, as well as 250,000 Syrian refugees. In Lebanon and Jordan, there are over 1.6 million refugees, relying on goodwill to survive, and in Syria, some 12.2 million people need humanitarian help. Additionally, in Afghanistan, there are around 171,000 people who have been internally displaced, as well as those who have returned to Afghanistan but do not have substantial shelter.

Help them survive the winter

Today, you can help to share warmth with thousands of people facing some of the harshest conditions we’ll see all year by helping us deliver items like blankets, mattresses, winter clothes and boots, stoves and other heating devices to those who desperately need them.

Allah tells us in the Holy Qur’an that:

‘Whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity’ 

[Qur’an 5:32]

GER’s Global Winter Emergency Appeal will be distributing life-saving winter aid in 17 calamity-stricken countries. We will ensure that those in Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, Kashmir, Yemen, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan receive the help and support they need to survive this winter.

Our response includes:



Donation Price

Hot Meals

Daily meals for a family of 5-7


Warm Blankets

Warm winter Blankets


Hygiene Kits

Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, sanitary pads, diapers, clothes detergent for a family


Baby Milk & Meals For Children 

One month supply 


Winter Clothing 

Jackets, trousers, sweaters, winter boots and shawls for a family of 5-7


Bread & Food Aid Pack 

One month supply of basic food rations and bread for a family of 5-7


Heaters & Heating Materials 

Fuel, coal, wood or gas cylinders for a heater to warm a family of 5-7


Winter Shelter Kits 

Double blankets, mattresses, pillows, insulation pads for a family of 5-7


Winter Relief Set 

Complete Winter Relief Set (items 1-8)



To construct concrete homes with 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and multi-use side area for a family of 5-7


Countries we will be sending Winter Relief Aid to:

Afghanistan, Albania, Arakan in Burma, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Iraq, to Syrian refugees in Jordan, Kosovo, to the displaced in Kashmir, Pakistan, Pakistan, to Rohingya Refugees, Lebanon, Nepal, Palestine, Syria, to Syrian Refugees in Turkey, and Yemen.

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Don’t let them suffer this winter.

Donate now and you can beat the cold to save their lives. Keep them alive, keep them warm. Help them survive this Winter. Your generosity can potentially save lives right now

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