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Items like masks, gloves, sanitisers, soaps and shampoos are those of which refugees lack when they escape their country. Such basic necessities are crucial yet most are not able to acquire due to their financial status. With your help, 350 kits were distributed to the Syrian Refugees in Turkey last year. 

Today, you can share the warmth with thousands of people facing some of the harshest conditions we will see all year by helping us deliver items like hygiene kits. 

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In countries like Syria, bread is a staple food. Other than rice, we distribute bread to families as well which could last them for over a month. 400 loaves of bread were given to Syrian refugees in Turkey.  Help them sustain for the upcoming month by providing them loaves of bread. 

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For the past years, we have distributed 2325 winter kits to the Syrian refugees in Turkey, to the Rohingyan Refugees in Bangladesh and not forgetting those in Yemen to brave the cold.  

Winter is the harshest and cruellest season. Sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice and freezing winds can force vulnerable and needy people into even worse conditions. We are distributing to 9 countries this year, help us provide life-saving winter essentials to those who need it most.

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The most essential item for every emergency appeal. The food aid pack saves lives during critical times as it helps families to sustain at least for a month till they could find their next source of food. 

With your generous support, over 2525 families received essential food aid pack in seven different countries including Syria. Provide warmth by delivering an aid pack today.

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Across the world, millions struggle just to survive. For those who have already lost their homes or families due to conflict or violence, or are struggling against illness, infirmity, poverty and adversity, winter is the time of year that they dread.

Without heating materials, they would suffer even more this winter. Last year, we managed to give 200 gas cylinders in Taiz, Yemen.  Provide heater, fuel, wood and gas cylinders to those who need it most.

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