A month before winter starts, in December 2020, we have been providing assistance in phases beginning with winter essentials to prepare them for the cold. Follow our response updates below: 

Winter Clothes Distribution

Thanks to our generous donors, families in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Gaza, Lebanon as well as refugees in Turkey and Bangladesh received winter kits. A total of 850 winter kits were provided.  Thank you for keeping them warm.

Bangladesh | 300 beneficiaries

Iraq | 100 beneficiaries

Yemen | 200 beneficiaries

Syria | 200 beneficiaries

Gaza | 150 beneficiaries

Lebanon | 100 beneficiaries

Turkey | 100 beneficiaries

Cooked Meals 

Thanks to our generous donors, families are eating well this winter. Although it may seem like a basic necessity, cooked meals are a blessing to refugees. A total of 15,000 meals were provided. Thank you for the food. 

Bangladesh | 10,000 beneficiaries

Iraq | 1000 beneficiaries

Yemen | 1000 beneficiaries

Syria | 1000 beneficiaries

Gaza | 200 beneficiaries (children's meals)

Turkey | 1000 beneficiaries

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